Mortuary Product Reviews.

On a day to day basis I use a lot of different mortuary products. Some good and some not so good. So I have decided to add a review page to this blog site to help funeral service workers of all grades figure out what could be useful in their funeral homes and prep rooms?

The Dodge Needle injector.

The Dodge needle injector is a piece of equiptment used by embalmers and funeral directors to clode up the mouths of the deceased. Quite often a person will die with their mouth open so therefore needs to be closed. One way is to use a needle and suture. It's easy enough to do, most funeral homws will have needles and suture thread and it is a skill that can be useful. 

The other is to use a needle injector. Shaped like a small gun or an illongated syringe the needle injector is heavy duty, will last a lifetime is treated correctly and is easy to use. It operates by the practitioner inserting a small wire alongside the barrel of the device and placing the tip with a sharp tack attached to the end of it into the end of the device. It is then a case of firing the pointed tip ir needle into the upper and lower jaws of the deceased. Once this has been done and the tacks are firmy in place bring together the mouth and twist the wires together closing the mouth shut. 

once the wires have been twisted together snip off the excess wire and flatten down any bits sticking out. This devoce has been arpund for a very long time and a lot of embalmers swear by it. But it dies have its downfalls. The needle injector only really works best on younger people with strong bone structure. If you where to use it on an elderly person you rist shattering the jaw and creating a hole heep of problems for yourself. It is quite an aggressive form of mouth closure that not all morticians like to use. Quite often once the mouth has been closed and the body is ready to be oput into a coffin or casket the pins can come loos and the mouth pop open. This then means that the embalmer or whoever closed the mouth has to either do it all again using the needle injector or revert to the needle and suture method. 

In my opinion I think the best method for closing a mouth is to use a needle and suture. It is garunteed to hold and works almost everytime. I have used a needle injector several times and they do have their uses but I usually have had to re close a mouth with a needle and suture.