Photo Album

The defineition of modern day embalming.

My first hearse. A 1987 Fleetwood Cadillac made by Eureka. All the way from Fort Worth Texas in the United States. Sold a few years ago to a company in Lancashire. I do miss her!

From my days as a student embalmer at the Salisbury College of Funeral sciences. All of my text books and most of my course material.

Just a few snapshots of my world.

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A hearse to suit everyone's tastes.

One of my pet hates is when someone pronounces hearse as hurst or hirst!! It makes me cringe every time I hear it!!!

For when we are all feeling a little mischievous!!

TV undertakers you either love e'm or hate e'm. Quite often production companies get it so wrong when acting out death and funeral scenes on television.

Happy new year everyone. I hope 2017 brings you peace, happiness and riches beyond your wildest dreams????

We've all been there at some point or another? The one aspect of the job I absolutely hate is being on call. It completely screws up your plans for that week and knackeres up your sleep pattern!

When your a funeral director and you love to cook and bake!!

A small selection of photos taken at the 2017 National Funeral Exhibition.

Welcome to the photo album. Not all the pictures on here are mine but most of them are.