31. Jul, 2018

Diogenese, Lenkiewicz and body disection.

I often get asked what are my thoughts on donating your body to medical science and other institutions? And also what are my thoughts on organ donation. There are many ways in which we can leave our dead bodies to different organisations such as medical schools, scientific research facilities and mortuary schools for the purposes of embalming education. But you can also leave you body to a friend like in the case of the homeless man known as Diogenes and his flamboyant and eccentric artist friend Robert Lenkiewicz. 

Lenkiewicz painted and drew Diogenes for many years and even took him in giving him a home. Diogenes agreed that Lenkiewicz could have his body. When he died in a Plymouth hospital Robert took the body and had it embalmed. He then kept the body until his own death in 2002 when’re it was discovered in his extensive library in his home and art studio. 

Personally my view is this. Once your dead your dead. Your body is no use to you anymore so it might as well be used to someone else. If not your whole body then at least your organs. I myself am an organ donor and upon my death my family have been instructed to allow my organs to be donated if they are of any use to anyone at the time? There’s no point in having a corpse full of useful organs rotting away when they can be doing someone some good somewhere. I have done a YouTube video to accompany this blog post which is up and running now.