31. Jul, 2018

Chapel visits and coroners call outs.

As most of you know being an undertaker means that you have to spend time on call. That means that you may have to conduct out of hours chapel visits or viewings including at weekends. I found myself doing this last weekend while I was on call myself.

Chapel visits  are basically exactly what they say. Families will come into the funeral home to spemd time with their loved ones before the funeral takes place. These visits can happen anytime. The funeral business is a 24 hour business so we have to be availible to our clients whenever they need us? However out of hours chapel visits are by strict appointment only. Funeral homes operate over five days a week Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am to 5pm. After the home closes the satff go home to their own families. So if one of our 'funeral families' wants to come out of those stated hours then an appointment has to be made. Theres nothing worse than when a family member turns up out of the blue and wants to be let in especially when you are a few miles away!

I also took the opportunity to explain in one of my YouTube vlogs the process of how a call out works when a sudden death occurs. In the U.K. anyone who dies unexpectedly in either a car accident, murder, drug overdose, suicide or any other unexplainable circumstances then the death is automatically referred to the coroner. Also if a person had not seen an doctor in the last fourteen days prior to death then the case is referred to the coroner. As far as the funeral directors are concerned they are subcontracted by the coroner to remove the deceased to a mortuary. In a sudden death situation the coroner will contact the police who will take control of the death scene until the body has been removed. Once the body is at the mortuary the coroner will then determine of an autopsy is required.