22. Jun, 2018

Rose cottage actually means mortuary.

I love interesting facts about most things. But when i hear something death related particuarly about the funeral profession I get super excited

Did you know that the term ‘rose cottage’ is actually medical code for mortuary or morgue? Years ago when death was not spoken about, seen or referred to in any way medical practitioners and hospital porters had to come up with a way of broaching the subject of a patient dying without actually ever having to mention the word death or mortuary.

So when a patient died on a hospital ward the nurse in charge would ring the porters lodge and say ‘we have a patient on ward A who needs to go to rose cottage’. The porters would know that by the nursing staff referring to rose cottage they knew that someone had died and their body needed to be taken to the mortuary. Even nowadays some hospitals refer to their mortuaries as rose cottage but it’s a pretty old fashioned saying and thankfully things have moved in slightly.