22. Jun, 2018

When death suddenly gets weird.

Working in the trade that I do I often hear the phrase “Oh I couldn’t do your job!” Now for most people that’s fairly acceptable. But when I hear it from the mouths of carers and nurses I get quite bemused? They do an outstanding job with the living and I couldn’t do their job not for all the tea in China! But why is it some can care for the elderly and the gravely ill for many years often doing things you would not willingly agree to without fuss or question. But when they die it gets wired for them!

The sight of a dead body creeps them out even though they have looked after that person for so long! Now obviously I am not talking for everyone here because that would be a little silly to say the least. I am merely focusing on those individuals who for whatever reason find it hard to deal with death. What is it about death and the dead body that would turn the most hardened nurse and caregiver to a squeamish mess when it comes to the person dying?

It also puzzles me how when we are alive we are always referred to by our names and titles. As soon as we die we become “the body, the corpse, the cadaver etc..... It’s almost like our pride and dignity has gone out the window and we become objects rather than people. Have we become that detached from death and the dying process that we turn it into a macabre soap opera that only others deal with? Again I am generalising when I refer to people using those terms. I know for sure that when we recieve peoiple into our care at the funeral home we refer to them as Mr and Mrs...... As do most care workers and medical staff.