23. May, 2018

In loving memory.

We have been honouring and memorialising our dead for centuries. The most common and obvious way is to erect a memorial stone in a churchyard or cemetery? But nowadays there are a wide variety of different ways you can honour your dead loved one. You can incorporate cremated remains into a tattoo, have them made into fine pieces of jewellery, take casts of your loved ones hands or even create a lasting death mask. The last one may be a little out there for some but it can be done and is a practice that is on the increase in some parts of the world. Finger printing is also something that is on the increase. There is now a company out there who will inprint a loved ones finger print onto a piece of jewellery or desk stationary!

When someone dies they don’t really die because they live on in our memories and in our tributes. Another practice that people are embracing is memorial jewellery made from the hair of the deceased. Mainly a Victorian tradition that fazed out with time but is now making a comeback.

All of these memorial options are available, speak to your funeral director to discuss all possibilities but also you can find a lot of these more specialised memorial options online. Some do come at a cost that goes without saying. But some you’d be surprised how affordable they are