14. May, 2018

Burial or cremation. What can and can't go in the coffin?

Ever since we started burying people corpses have always been buried with personal possessions and keepsakes. The ancient Egyptians where famous for it. But now that most people are cremated rather than buried there are a lot more restrictions on what can go into a coffin when a body is to be cremated.

Providing your not burying someone in an environmentally friendly woodland cemetery then you can bury anyone in anything with anything. Eco friendly cemeteries understandably have restrictions on embalming and none biodegradable materials. If your being buried in a ‘normal’ cemetery then anything goes.

Cremation on the other hand is different. You cannot cremate a coffin which has glass, pottery or ceramics in it. You can’t cremate a coffin that contains a battery. Batteries explode and glass shatters. Potentially causing huge amounts of damage to a cremator. Clothing is ok as long as the deceased is not dressed entirely in rubber or leather. Those products release harmful and toxic gases which are harmful to the environment. Plastic is ok and so is some metal work such has jewellery. If you are ever unsure as to what can or cannot go into a coffin then ask your funeral director. They will know the answer and be able to advise you accordingly.