28. Apr, 2018

Green burials VS Traditional burials.

Green and natural burials have always been around. Ever since we started burying people they have always been there. It’s only since the production of coffins and caskets along with the practice of embalming that natural or green burials have dropped off slightly. However they are making a comeback. Funeral homes now are offering their clients eco friendly green and natural burials.

But what is involved exactly?? Well firstly you have to look at our own circumstances to see if a natural burial is for you? Because natural burial does not involve a coffin or casket or embalming so therefore you need to take these into consideration. If you are wanting to say your last goodbyes in a chapel of rest then embalming may be required?

With a truly natural green burial then the deceased cannot be embalmed or have any type of chemical treatment as that goes against the whole ethos of an environmentally friendly burial. Also if your a wanting a coffin or casket then depending on what it is made of then the natural option may be off limits also?

Most natural burials do not have coffins or caskets unless they are made from an environmentally sourced, biodegradable material? With a natural burial the deceased is wrapped in a shroud again made from a biodegradable material and buried in a grave without a coffin or casket. Mother Earth is then left to do her job and within weeks, months or even years the deceased is nothing more that bone fragments.

There are some burial sites that bury the body in a compost that rots down the flesh and bone so that there is nothing left at all and the deceased is absorbed into the earth helping nourish it. When discussing your burial options talk to your funeral director who will be able to give you the best advice possible to help you put together the perfect fitting tribute. The funeral director is there to help you with these decisions. Don’t be afraid to speak to them and let them know exactly what you want.