28. Apr, 2018

When the curtains close!

We’ve all been at a funeral when the service ends and the the minister or whoever is officiating does the committal and closes the curtains around the coffin at a crematorium. But what happens after that? Where does the coffin go? Well after the curtains close the coffin remain on the catafalque until the chapel clears of mourners and the doors are shut.

Depending on what type of crematorium your in will depend on what happens next? Sometimes the coffin will disappear into the floor instead of a curtain closing? But sometimes the coffin will remain in situ and a curtail will close around it. Either way after that happens the coffin is taken into the cremation room and after all the checks have been made the coffin is loadedinto the cremation machine. About an hour and half later you have ashes. Or cremated remains!