11. Feb, 2018

Death Positive!

What is it to be death positive? What is death positivity? Who are death positive people? Are they a bunch of goth weirdos who are just itching to be that little bit closer to the grave? Is it an unhealthy obsession about death and dying? Is it a person or group of people who relish in the misery of death and want to die themselves? The answer really to all that is no!

The death positive movement is a movement made up of people from all walks of life who want an open and honest discussion about death and dying. The funeral and death care industry for too long now has been shut away behind closed doors where no one can see what’s going on. Truth is that there isn’t that much going on and certainly nothing to fear. Death is a perfectly natural thing to happen and will happen to us all.

So why not talk about it? Allow your loved ones to know what type of funeral you want when your time comes? Also the death positive movement empowers people to take control of their own deaths, allowing people to choose how they die if they become terminally ill. Not allowing themselves to be pumped full of drugs that makes the end of life unbearable for them and their families. To be death positive is to take control and have a say in your own funeral, to choose where you want to die and what you want to happen to your body afterwards. Remember it’s your body and you can have done with it what you want. So talk about it before it’s too late.