11. Feb, 2018

Buy before you die!

Pre paid funeral plans have been an additional service offered by funeral homes and some charities for many years. They allow people to plan and buy their own funeral at today’s prices. It is of great peace of mind for many to know that their funeral has been taken care of so when the time comes their families are not left with the financial and practical burden of arranging a funeral especially if death occurs suddenly! But for some a pre paid plan or pre need is not an option for many reasons.But that does not prohibit someone from planning their own funeral at least.

My advice to people wanting to do this is to write everything down in exact detail. List the songs you want played, the hymns you want sung, if you want a religious minister or civil celebrant? If you want flowers or donations? A horse drawn hearse or a motorcycle hearse? Whether you want to be embalmed or not, And of course whether or not you want to be buried or cremated? The list is endless as far as different options are concerned? Once your happy with everything let your family know. Keep those plans safe. If your able to leave them with a lawyer a long with any will you may have?

As far as finance is concerned that is an individual thing that I’m not qualified to give advice on. But there’s nothing wrong with you setting a limit you want spent on your funeral and saving that money and putting it in a trust fund or high interest bank account until such time when it’s needed? The important thing is is to make those plans and if you can financially plan for them. Most funeral homes will happily talk through these options with you. They are the best people to advise you on these matters. Alternatively you can contact one of the many pre paid funeral planning companies that are out there. But do shop around, don’t take the first quote your given. And remember this is your funeral you are in complete control of it not anyone else.