11. Feb, 2018

Let's talk business.

I’m not a funeral home owner. One day I hope to be but for now I’m more than happy working for one. But still people approach me wanting advice on how they go about setting up their own funeral home. Firstly it’s an expensive business to be in. Expensive to set up and expensive to run and it’s NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication before you can start buying yourself a flash car and big house!

Initial out lay I estimate at £100,000+! That’s to get all your start up fees out the way with and have some working capital behind you in case the phone doesn’t ring for a little while after set up. At first you don’t want to be employing anyone apart from casual pall bearers and drivers. Wages eat into a lot of profit so the less staff you have the more profit you have. When choosing a funeral home check that it’s big enough. You will need garage space, rear access and mortuary and workshop space. Comfortable office areas are also essential.

When buying a hearse go for something fairly tidy and presentable. No need to go and buy the latest model. Limousines you can hire in and a simple estate car or small van will do as a removal vehicle. You also need to budget for advertising which isn’t cheap either. More importantly if your new to the business get some experience first before spending buckets of cash on a business you have no experience in.

 I am not a business expert by any stretch of the imagination so don't take what I have said as gospel. but in my expirience this is what I have found. I hope whoever is reading this finds it helpful in some way or another?