21. Nov, 2017

Let's talk about cremation!

One of the main issues that funeral directors have to tackle is that of cremation and the cremation process. There still seems to be a large portion of people out there who do not think that the cremation process is an honest one and that the shes you get back are not those of your loved one. Some still are convinced that we remove handels from coffins and even go as far as removing bodies from coffins to re use or re sell the coffin afterwards to unsuspecting clients! Well let me you now that all of that is rubbish and here is why.

In the UK the laws and rules surrounding cremation are very strict indded. In order for someone to be cremated rigourous checks have to be made to make sure that we are cremating the right person. So lets take the case of John Doe. John has died in hospital and his family want him cremated. They make the hospital aware of this and they begin the process of finding two doctors to complete Johns cremation paperwork. Doctor number one will be Johns personal doctor or at least the last doctor who attended to him during his last illness. Dr. number one will make a full external examination of the body to make sure nothing untoward has happend. Once he is happy he will complete the forst part of the cremation paperwork. He will then get another doctor who has had no conncetion to John to complete the second part and to clarify that his findings are true. With that done the body of John Doe can now be released into the care of the funeral home.

The family will insctruct the funeral home to collect the body so that a funeral can take place. Two funeral home employees will go to the hospital to collect John. They will clarify with the mortuary attendent the identity of John. Once the attendent is happy and that the funeral home workers are happy that they are collecting the right John then he will be released. Paperwork will be signed by both the undertaker and hospital worker to sya that John Doe has now left the care of the hospital and is now in the care of the funeral home. Every person who enters hospital is given an identity bracelet containing their name and date of birth. The funeral home will also supply their own I.D tags with the same information. All of which are attatched to the decased and never come off. 

Once the body is back at the funeral home the same two members of staff will book in the body so that the funeral home has a record of him being there. All the legal paperwork such as death certificates and cremation papers are sent up to the crematorium so that they know Mr. Doe will be coming to them shortly. The paperwork once it has arrived at the crematorium is then sent to another doctor so that he or she can look over the paperwork and make sure that they are happy that no foul play has taken place. A name plate with John Does details is then made up and secured to the lid of his coffin. So that when he gets to the crematorium the staff can see by reading the plate that Mr. Doe who they have on their paperwork is the same Mr. Doe who is in the coffin. No need to open the coffin at all! Once the funeral service has taken place the coffin can then be put into the cremation machine. Once again the name plate on the coffin is checked against all of the paperwork at the crematorium before the coffin goes in.

The crematory operator will make up an identity label that will be placed on thr door of the cremator with all of John Does details on it along with a special cereal number. That I.D will follow him round from the cremator, to the cremulator where his remaining bones will be crushed to make up his ashes, to the urn that he will be placed in. With such rigorous systems in place I would say it is virtually impossible to loose a person once they are in the system. So therefore the ashes you get back from a crematorioum are those of your loved one. 

With regards to bof=dies being taken out of coffins and handels being removes, this just does not happen. First of all you can't cremate a body without it being in some sort of container otherwise ot would not physically go into the cremation machine. Secondly crmeatoriums are very busy places with lot's pf people working in them. If someone was to try and remove a body from a coffin then they would get caught and most definitley fired from their job! Possibly face prosecution but not being a lawyer I would not like to say for sure as I do not know what the law says about such things? Coffin handels are made of plastic. They are made to look like brass but they are not. So therefore they are suitible to go into a cremator and be cremated with the coffin and the body. 

I hope this goes someway to answering some of those cremation questions? Please be rest assured that the practices involved in cremating the dead are highly regulated and the people who operate such places are highly trained and skilled individuals who take their work seriously and carry out their duty with the utmost care and professionalism.