11. Nov, 2017

Adressing our greatest fear!

So it’s one of the biggest fears we all have. Being buried or cremated alive! Even my mum repeatedly says ‘I don’t care what you do with me as long as I’m definitely dead!’ So to put this one to bed once and for all here is why I think being buried or cremated alive is virtually impossible here in the UK.

Step one: When you die you usually have to have a qualified medical practitioner to certify the death and declare life extinct! This is usually done in most cases by a doct...or. The doctor will carry out tests for death to make a certain diagnosis of life extinct. Sometimes this can be carried out by a nurse or paramedic, both have extensive medical training.

Step two: Your body will then be taken to a mortuary either in a hospital or funeral home and placed into a refrigerator. Now these things are very cold and don’t get much above 6 degrees celsius. A funeral can take up to two weeks to happen over here depending on where you are in the country? No I’m no doctor but I would guess you wouldn’t survive more than a few hours in one of those fridges before you died.

Step three: Legally here in the UK of you are being cremated then your body will have to be examined by two doctors to make sure that no foul play has been involved. Doctor number one will be the deceased’s personal physician. Doctor number two would be a doctor from another surgery, who doesn’t know the deceased. Both doctors will carry out checks for death and make an external examination of the body.

Step four: The embalming process is a very invasive procedure that is not for the faint hearted. If you are embalmed then your body will be subject to harsh and toxic chemicals which are if used inappropriately can be very harmful to the living. If you undergo this procedure then I’m 99.9% certain your not going to survive! Plus before the procedure begins the embalmer will also carry out checks for death!

Step five: On the day of the funeral after the embalming, the doctors examinations, laying in a fridge for days on end and the countless checks for death, your coffin is sealed by two people. Who will check who you are, where you’ve come from and that your dead! Once the coffin is sealed you are then taken to your funeral to be buried or cremated.

I hope this has answered some of the fears (mother) surrounding this subject. In the UK we do have quite strict rules and procedures in place to make sure that no one is buried or cremated alive. In the years that I have been on the funeral business I have never encountered a body waking up and none of my colleagues on the industry that I know of have either