3. Oct, 2017

Planning from the beginning for the end.

Without actually knowing it we are subconsciously planning for our funerals way before we need to. I was thinking about this whilst stopped at some traffic lights in the hearse the other day. Funerals are planned just like weddings. When a young girl is growing up she thinks of very little else other than her wedding day. (Obviously not all girls but you get the picture).

She knows what she's going to wear, what music she will have, if she wants a church service or not? What type of reception she will have afterwards and what type of car will take her on her special day. But if you stop and think then you will saying to yourself 'my death or funeral will be planned that way'.

More often than not when you speak to someone about funerals they will often tell you what they will wear in their coffin, what music will be played during the service, if they want a church service or not, what car or hearse they would like to take them on their final journey and what type of wake they would like afterwards? So we are planning for death from the minute we can think for ourselves.

It is such a huge part of life that we need to have these plans in place. Talk about your funeral just as you would talk about your wedding. Involve your nearest and dearest in the discussion. You wouldn't get married without plans in place that would be absurd. So don't die without plans in place either. Because although you won't be around your family will be and that for them can be traumatic and distressing.