18. Sep, 2017

Pre paid funeral plans.

 I came across this really interesting article online the other day. It is about pre paid funeral plans or pre needs if your from the States? I've sold a few pre paid funeral plans in my time and I know of plenty of funeral directors who offer this service to their clients. There are all kinds of different plans availible. Some funeral homes have their own plan structure in place, where as others will sell plans that have been designed and are managed by outside companies.  

I guess if you are unsure about a pre paid plan then I'd advise putting the money aside in a high interest account or a premium bond and leaving it there until its needed. Make it noted in your will that it is there along with any instructions for your funeral. You don't have to pay an expensive lawyer to do this inform your next of kin and make sure your wishes are written down. I should stress that I am in no way qualified in the financial sector and this is just what I would do personally personally. You have to do what is right for you. If that means taking out a pre paid funeral plan then go for it.