18. Sep, 2017

Death Cafe part 2!

I attended my first Death Cafe last Thursday eveinig at Cox and Baloney in Bristol. I am delighted to say it was absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed every minute of it. Such an eclectic mix of people there who all had their own story to tell about their experiences with death, dying and funerals. It did live up to everything I expected it to be which was brilliant. 

It was really refreshing to hear other people's take on things. I think we can all too often get trapped in our own way of dealing with death so it's beneficial I think to get another perspective on it. Death cafes are not sad or depressing events, they are quite the opposite in fact. Over tea and cake no subject is off limits providing of course it is to do with death and dying. Everyone gets to have their turn to speak and share their story with the rest of the group. Death is such an important part of life as it is the one thing we can all be certain of, so therefore it is better to be open and honest about the subject because when it happens and it can happen at anytime we are better prepared for it.

I met some really interesting people, a couple who I already knew through work. Its is quite clear to see how this has taken off and become literally the worldwide success that it is. I look forward to attending a second death cafe. Next time with me at the helm hopefully?