19. Aug, 2017

Modern trends.

I love doing traditional funerals. There is something magnificent about the pomp and ceremony that surrounds our death rituals here in the UK. The Edwardian dress of the funeral director, the Victorian style of a horse drawn hearse, the symbolic nature of paging a funeral cortège down the street and the quiet solemnity we conduct ourselves. 

But as time has gone on more and more families are moving away from our 'Victorian way of death' and closer to the modern way of doing death. Cremations take up most of our time now instead of burials. Churches are getting used lesser as the world is becoming more secular. Green eco friendly burials are taking the place of church yard burials and the clergy are being replaced by civil celebrants. All of these alternative arrangements I love just as much as the traditional ones. To give someone the send off they they want and to look after they family left behind is the greatest job in the world. Caring for the dead is a truly unique thing to do and I feel privileged to do it.