5. Aug, 2017

Dead funny!

A morticians sense of humour is quite a unique thing. Some people may refer to it as 'gallows humour'. It is a very dark and dry sense of humour that's for sure. A lot of people ask me do you have a laugh at work? Or isn't it always miserable? The truth is working in a funeral home is far from miserable. And yes we do have a laugh. Mainly at our own expense I should add.

Jokes like 'it's a dead end job' or 'he's dying to leave' and 'do you spend all day with a stiff one' we hear all the time. It's a way of getting through the day and breaks the boring bits up slightly. Trust me there are plenty of boring bits! If you didn't have a laugh and a joke I think you'd quite easily crack up. Death care is a very serious business and while most of the time we remain professional and with decorum and sensitivity when we are behind closed doors the smiles come out and the jokes start flowing.

A minister once asked me "isn't it true that the conversation in hearses amongst the undertakers can be sometimes quite humorous?" I just gave a look at him to say "you know that's correct". You often see a hearse loaded with a coffin and flowers with four glum looking individuals inside. But trust me the conversation most of the time is far from glum, but always remains respectful. After all we are professionals dealing with a very sensitive time in someone's life so we always keep that at the front of our minds.