5. Aug, 2017

Looking good on the day.

Image is really important to a lot of people. Especially when it comes to funerals as it is the very last thing we can do for someone. Funerals start from £1,000 nowadays depending on where you go and can go up to £10,000!! The sky is the limit. Sometimes though I often think that we loose sight of what is important. Is it the guy in the box? Or his 200 friends watching him? Personally I like style and elegance. A traditional Victorian or Edwardian funeral with top hats and frock coats. Maybe even a horse drawn hearse thrown in? Not too much and not too little but just enough to send someone off in style and elegance, with dignity and respect.

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to funerals. In fact the bigger they are the more problematic they can be from a logistical point of view. There is a quiet dignity about a small funeral. The attention is taken away from the flash cars and hundreds of flowers and focuses on the important part of the event. The deceased and saying goodbye to them. Funerals nowadays are in a way like weddings. The bigger they are, the flashier they are the more people will talk about them and the more people will remember them. But they remember it for the material things involved and not for the purpose of the event itself.