24. Jul, 2017

Death Cafe.

I have never been to a death cafe but I know a lot of people have and have found them extremely helpful. I am all for having an open forum around death and I strongly believe in giving family options, as many options as possible when it comes to making funeral arrangements for their loved ones. 

Not only that but also empowering the living or the dying depending on how you look at it to make their own choices about their own funerals. About what will happen to their bodies once they have died. The options these days are endless. Home funerals or DIY funeral are on the increase and we are going back to how things used to to be before the emergence of the professional funeral director. Over the next few weeks I will hopefully be attending my first Death Cafe and will possibly set one up myself or take over an existing one? Whatever happens I am looking forward to it and looking forward to meeting new like minded people.

This opens up a whole new platform for people who want to talk openly and honestly about death and dying without feeling that they are morbid, weird or creepy in any way. I t will give individuals from all different backgrounds to talk about their fears or their hopes without being judged for it. These events are aimed at a wide variety of people including people who work in all aspects of death care not just the funeral indistry. As a funeral service professional myslef I am very muck looking forward to being part of these vents.