15. Jul, 2017

Slow down please!

One of the most infuriating things about driving on a funeral is the inconsideration of other drivers. Not all of them granted, but some make my blood boil! There seems to be a great lack of respect for anything nowadays and sadly that is to be said of road users when confronted with a hearse and procession behind it! If you see a hearse on the road that is quite clearly on a funeral then please slow down, give it room and be respectful.

I have honestly lost count of the amount of drivers particuarly older drivers who have cut me up in the hearse. Or tried to get in between the hearse and the limousine. Boy racers undertaking us on busy roads the liost goes on. I was onlt the other day I was on a funeral when the hearse was pulled up at the side of the road with the limousine behind it. Traffic was filing passed nicely and in a slow and calm manner. Then out of nowhere cam a woman in a van who shot through at speed leaving myself and the mourners speechless! I have even had someone flip me the finger as they have gone passed which I found just astonoshing to say the least. 

There is no need for peoples aggresiveness on the roads. I don't get why some people are in such a rush. As they old saying goes: "It is better to be 10 minutes late in this life then 10 minutes early in the next!"