8. Jul, 2017

Cruise Ship Mentality.

Recently I was on a cruise holiday around the Baltic states. Every night there was live entertainment on board the ship which was superb. One evening a comedian came onto the stage and said something quite profoind and it struck a cord with me. He said hpw wonderful it was to be in a place where people of all colours, races, religions, sizes, sexualites and personalities where getting along without any problems whatsoever. It got me thinking how true he was. And how nice would it be for this type of mentality was to continue on dry land?

If we where all to adopt this way of thinking and this way of getting a long then I do think that the world would be a truly better place. As someone who deals with the darker side of life on a regular basis it was a breath of fresh air to be in such positive compnt between 9-5 Monday to Friday. Death seems in whatever form it manifests itslef in tends to bring out the best in people as well as the worst. The amount of times I have sat down with a family to arrange a funeral and you could feel the hate in the room is more than I care to remember. At the same time I have been in situations where a death has occured and family and friends have rallied round in support and comfort bringing that cruise ship mentality to an utter dire situation. Some rejoice in the knowledge that granny is no longer in pain and has gone to that 'better place'. Some are angry and bring that anger with them which then manifests itself into hate. Hate because a lifer has been cut short, or hate that Bobby Junior get's nothing in the will.

So what I will say is that when the chips are down and life seems bleak and miserable try and take a step back, asses your own situation and take stock. Life is enjoyed so much better if you can get along with your fellow man no matter who he or she is and where they come from or what religion the practice.