18. Jun, 2017

First call clear up!

It was a fair few years ago now but I'll never forget the night when me and a colleague where called to a house in the same town where our funeral home was located. It was summer and past midnight. The evening was really warm and humid. I got ot the funeral home and met my colleague in the courtyard in the private ambulance. As we approached the house where the deceased was we could smell the awful stench of putrefying flesh fill the air half way down the street. The police where stood outside so we knew what awaited us was bad! i wouldn't mind but I wasn't even supposed to be on call that night I was filling in for someone who for some reason was not answering his phone!

When we got to the house the police officer took us upstairs into a room which resembled something from a horror film! The carpet, bedding, walls and curtains where saturated in human waste and decomposed flesh. Not to mention the maggots and flies crawling over the body! Once we had removed the deceased all that was left where the body lay was a sludgy mess. All I remember thinking to myself was 'The cleaner will have her work cut out in the morning!'