27. May, 2017

Terrorism in Manchester.

What happened on Monday evening in Manchester is so awful you just can't comprehend it. But it is perfect bait for the right wing EDL, BNP, Britain First, KKK lovers out there to try and make it all about the evils of Islam and how rubbish the government is etc etc.... This is NOT a Muslim issue. It is NOT an Islam issue. It is a terrorist issue. The terrorists do this on the name of Islam but it has nothing to do with that faith. 

The people who do this are a tiny minority who have got a very, very warped view of scripture. They are the bad ones. Not the community of Muslims who worship in peace at their local mosque, or not the the Muslims who go about their daily business doing no harm to anyone because their faith like the Christian faith teaches them love, tolerance, peace and acceptance. 

Don't be sucked in by the racists and the bigots. Don't dance to their tune. Instead try and help improve this awful situation by engaging with people. Talk to them about their faith, about their practices and treat them as you would like to be treated yourself.