2. May, 2017

Flower power.

I had one of the most uncomfortable expiriences one could ever have when working in the funeral business. We had completed the funeral of a person who had passed away in a hospice. The family of the deceased had expressed that once the funeral was over could we deliver the flowers that where on the funeral to the hospice for the patients to enjoy. Naturally we obliged and carried out the families wishes. 

Upon arriving at the hospice in our private ambulance dressed in our black funeral suits we presented the reception staff with the flowers. We got some very strange looks as we where bringing in coffin sprays and wreaths from a funeral into a place where that for many of the people who walded through it's doors wouldn't walk out again! It was kind of like "Hi where from the funeral home, have some death flowers!" The staff where very curtious and accpeted the flowers but I personally just felt a little uneasy. I have in my time dleivered flowers from funerals to care or nursing homes but never a hospice.

Often peoiple choose not to have flowers because they feel that they are a waste of money and depending on what tributes you have can escelate a funeral bill in no time! Of course historically flowers served as a practical addition to a funeral rather than an asthetic one. Before the days of modern embalming and refrigeration bodies used to go off rather quickly and would bring a stench that could curdle milk. So flowers where brought in and placed around the coffin to mask the smell of rotting flesh. Today however they serve as a comfort to a lot of people at such a sad time in their lives.