12. Mar, 2017

National funeral director's and morticians recognition day 2017.

Today Saturday 11th March 2017 is national funeral director and mortician recognition day. Admittedly it's a day you would only know about if you are in the industry. No one really wants to celebrate or recognise the work of undertakers as death is still a very taboo subject.

The funeral director is the one person in your community you don't want to be dealing with. But they work incredibly hard. Caring for the deceased of our communities and their families they leave behind. The funeral business is a 24/7 business, 365 days of the year. They sacrifice their own time and family time to help others in need. It's not all flash cars and smart suits. What you don't see are the late night calls, after hours embalming, weekend funeral arranging and always being at the end of a phone and be willing to drop everything at short notice to respond to the needs of the recently bereaved.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues in the funeral industry for their hard work and their dedication. Keep up the good work as no matter what people say, how much they try and forget our profession you all do a fantastic job.