8. Mar, 2017

International Woman's Day 2017.

The funeral industry has been and still is in some parts still a very male dominated industry. However in recent years more and more women have entered the funeral industry as funeral directors, arrangers and embalmers. The more traditional family firms still prompt for all male staff. You where once upon a time when your relative died told when the funeral was taking place, where it was taking place and at what time. This traditionally was done by a man. Usually the patriarch of a family. His word was law! 

Thankfully times have changed and now more options are on the table for families and women take a front seat role in the funeral business. Quite often now you will see the words 'And Daughters' above a funeral home door as opposed to 'And Son's.' With the advent of larger multi national funeral companies women are taking a more productive and central role in the undertaking business. I think people in times of trouble find it a little easier to talk to a woman, it is less threatening to some individuals. I have worked with a few female funeral directors and embalmers and found them to be brilliant at their jobs and a real comfort to the families they serve. To celebrate international woman's day I think it would be great to show our support to all the hard working female members of our industry. They are a credit to our business and to all who work along side them.