3. Mar, 2017

World book day 2016.

In honour of world book day here are just a few of my favourite reads out of my library of death!! The best one out the lot has to be Don't drop the coffin. A great insight in how the UK funeral business works from an independent point of view. An Undertakers diary is more large corporation based. In particular how the Co-Op works or used to work in the 70s and 80s. Strong shoulders is more of a 'what to do when someone dies' book. It's not necessarily a guide but it gives a few good pointers. Smoke gets in your eyes is all about the American funeral industry. Written by fellow undertaker and YouTube star Caitlin Doughty, It tells the story of her journey through the US funeral industry. And finally The English way of death is more of a reference book. Detailing the history of the English funeral and death practices throughout the ages. All well worth a read especially if your considering a career as a mortician or funeral director?