24. Feb, 2017

Things go hand in hand.

Politics, health, education, fame, religion, food, crime and family. Eight things that all in some way are linked to the final outcome! Depending on how we live our lives and the choices we make depends on how quick the end comes? 

Politically speaking many of our lives are effected by the acts of others in power. Joining the army will at some point land you in a war you don't want to be in because of a decision a politician has made. Just being a politician can lead to an untimely end. Take JFK or Abraham Lincoln for example? 

We are continually badgered on how we live our lives and how we can be more healthy. Our health is extremely important to our survival. Leave a healthy & active life then your chances of developing a life threatening illness is reduced. However this can be a double edged sword. Too much exercise and eating too much of the so called good stuff can lead to other health problems that no one is looking out for and before you know it your times up! 

If we educate ourselves sufficiently then we can avoid certain fates. Education is so important on many levels. Teach your children the Highway Code and about stranger danger then they will stay safe. But be negligent in your own education on life's do's & don'ts & you could find yourself under proverbial bus!! 

Fame & money is something we all hunger for. That sense of belonging & wanting to be excepted by everyone. Money makes life a lot easier there is no doubt about it. But be careful what you wish for. Fame comes with it's own dangers, and they do say that money is the route of all evil. 

Religion plays a big part in a lot of people's lives. However this is one of the biggest causes of war and destruction on our planet. Have your beliefs by all means. But when your beliefs start to make the lives of others shorter then maybe it's time to find another church?? 

Food glorious food. That famous line from Oliver Twist. Not enough can be devastating. Too much can be disastrous. We need it for sure. But everything in moderation. 

Live a good life & do the right things & the law is sometimes your friend. Become one of life's bad boys then things start to go very wrong very quickly. It is possibly a way of getting rich quick but if it lands you up on death row you have to ask yourself is it ever worth it? 

Finally family. You can't live with them but you can't live without them. Treasure every member of your family with all your heart. For they will be the ones who determine whether your time on this planet has been worth it or not?