15. Feb, 2017

You gotta have faith!

Faith is something in someways most of us have. Some identify as Christian and follow the Bible via one of the mainstream religions such as Catholicism or Anglicanism? Some identify as Muslim and follow The Quran or are Jewish and follow the Torah. For many faith is set in stone and unshakeable. But for some that isn't the case. 

As an undertaker I am faced with death and faith on a daily basis. The two kind of go hand in hand. For some in our industry their faith is tested to the limits on a daily basis. Especially when the clients we are dealing with both deceased and alive are so young. More often than not I ask myself 'why?' Why if there is a God that most people seem to believe in does he allow such cruel things to happen? Cancer in young people, AIDS in Africa, poverty in India and murders across America? Surely he can stop all of these things and make the pain and suffering go away? 

The news is regularly filled with such tragedy it does make me wonder what other professionals in my industry think? Especially when stood in the front room of a house where the death of a young father or mother has occurred? What can you say that to the grieving relatives left behind to make things better? Truth is I don't think there is anything you can say? At the end of the day we are not priests and do not have all the answers. But at the same time neither do the priests!