30. Jan, 2017


This is a really interesting article. Thought provoking in many ways. Not only for the LGBT community but also the funeral industry and how funeral homes deal with LGBT people. I am happy to say that in my career I have never encountered any negativity towards the LGBT community working the industry and I hope it continues to be like that. However that hasn't always been the case. 

During the 80's and 90's when AIDS first reared it's ugly head some funeral homes would not carry out the funerals of gay men for fear of the repercussions that may have followed? Equally they would not embalm a person who had died of an AIDS related illness due to the risk of infection. Again I am glad to see that times have changed on that department and embalmers and funeral directors are now better educated in these matters. 

The trans community so often are wrongly shunned and cast aside as if they do not matter. I don't think that the funeral director in this article can be demonised for his actions. Some funeral homes will not act upon the wishes of the deceased but whoever is paying the bill? This is a sad fact but that is the case in some funeral homes? I am guessing that the funeral director in this article was doing the bidding of the bill payer? So often now things are governed by money and we loose sight of what we are actually doing things for? Sometimes we need to put people before profits whatever their lifestyle choices and whatever the opinions of other people are and do right by them.