8. Jan, 2017

TV Undertakers.

I watch a lot of TV and I always dread it when a show decides to do a funeral in it. Mainly because they get it so wrong. I'm not talking about shows about funeral directors although they do not portray a true representation of how the industry actually is. I'm talking about soap operas and drama series. 

A lot of these shows tackle some very big issues including death and loosing a person we love very well. But it all goes to pot when the actual funeral is played out. A cringe when I see the removal of the body carried out by two people who have not so much as picked up a towel off of the bathroom floor before let alone a dead body. My blood boils when I see them trying to carry a coffin that quite clearly has nothing in it and they are carrying it all wrong with no direction or input from the funeral director. And I cry with laughter when a sudden death happens on a Friday and the person is buried by Monday morning!! As most of you will know that just does not happen at all!! 

There is no ceremony on TV funerals, the etiquette goes out of the window and there just seems to be no professional input from the industry at all when acting out these scenes. Production companies use consultants from all types of professions when creating a storyline. But the death care industry seems to be forgotten about. 

I know they are only shows and are there to entertain. But I do think that our industry could perhaps be better represented on mainstream TV.