28. Dec, 2016

All change please?

The funeral industry has come on leaps and bounds over the years. The options are now no longer limited to a simple wooden coffin, six foot deep grave, horse drawn hearse and a graveside service. We now have coffins that come on all shapes, colours and sizes. Cremation is now a preferred option for many but not all. Almost any vehicle can now be transformed into a hearse. From London taxis to Suzuki motorbikes they can all get you to your final destination. 

Woodland burials in wicker coffins are on the rise along with humanist funerals conducted by celebrants rather than clergy. Some funerals are now like discos rather than somber affairs with the choice of music on offer to families. Tastes are wide and varied and people have their own individual ideas. We now longer arrange funerals but celebrations of life. We do not mourn what we have lost but celebrate what we had. 

But despite all of these changes the practices of funeral directors in Victorian mourning suits, frock coats, top hat and cane leading a funeral procession through the streets has remained. We still cling onto those Victorian customs that draws many people myself included into a way of life that is like no other