28. Dec, 2016

An Unwelcome Invitation.

One of the many great privileges of working in the funeral industry is the opportunity we get to see every single aspect of life and the people that inhibit it. This is never more so than when on a 'death call'. From the lap of luxury in million pound mansions to awful poverty in some of the poorest neighbourhoods. We see it all. Warts and all. 

We get a rare insight into people's lives into worlds only others can imagine. Quite often I have found myself stood in the hallway of a former stately home now a residential home waiting to retrieve the body of a lord or lady back into my care. At the same time and sometimes on the same night I have found myself in the small squalid flat of a pensioner who the whole world seemed to have forgotten. When we find ourselves in these places we do so not by choice invitation of the occupier. After all who would willingly invite the local undertaker round at 3am for a social chit chat? Now I have said that I do recall going to one house where my colleague and I where offered tea and sandwiches on arrival. Even a gin and tonic which of course we politely declined. But we are there out of necessity. It is necessary for us to be there to take charge of the dead and look after the living. 

This is what our profession does. It gives us access to all of these situations on a regular basis. Situations that most professions do not have access to.