28. Dec, 2016

Money's too tight to mention.

Quite often funeral directors are given a bad press because of their costs and the prices of funerals. The argument some people put across is how can you justify charging people thousands of pounds or dollars for a funeral at such a difficult time in their lives? When people are at their most vulnerable how can you make money off the back of that vulnerability. Granted I accept that for some funeral homes there is a certain uncomfortableness about charging such high prices but could you not argue the same point in the case of a food store? Some of those places charge a fortune for their products. You could argue that people often go hungry because they cannot afford to eat because of high food prices. But food stores are not given the same rough deal a funeral homes are. 

Funeral homes are businesses that need to make a profit. And although funeral costs are high the standard of care given by funeral homes is also high. Families are looked after before, during and after a funeral has taken place. The deceased are given the highest standard of send off that their families can afford. Quite often people focus on only the professional services offered rather than the personal. And it is the personal services that matter the most, those little touches and attentions to detail that make a difficult time that more bearable. 

I would love to know all your thoughts on this. If you are in the industry or have used the services of a funeral director then I'd love to know your thoughts.