28. Dec, 2016

Fame and the Grave!

We see celebrities as flawless individuals who do not necessarily go through the same trials and tribulations we go through. We put them on a pedestal, faultless and perfect in every way. They don't see what we see, they don't feel what we feel. How could they? Their lives are completely different from ours. 

Upon hearing of the death of one of my all time music heroes George Michael this weekend I was sad, angry and shocked that the world was now devoid of one of life's great superstars. But once the shock had settled in and the fan in me had settled down, the funeral director in me kicked in and a chill ran down my spine. Because as an undertaker I know exactly more or less what will happen to George Michaels body step by step. 

It's that great leveller death again which has knocked the celebrity of his pedestal, taken away the limelight, the wealth and the status, and has now left a shell. A shell that has to be dealt with just as the same as any other person living an ordinary life. The shocking thing is that it is difficult for me to accept that my childhood idol and music hero is now probably lying in a bag in a refrigerator waiting to be processed along with everyone else. But that is the reality and there is no way to escape it. Does anyone else working in the industry get the same thoughts as I had had. Or am I the only one???