28. Nov, 2016

Bigger isn't always better!

When a funeral home takes a call in the middle of the night the words most funeral directors dread are: "How many are you sending? He's quite big!" This happened to me once. Thankfully it wasn't in the middle of the night. In fact it was the middle of the day and I had just gotten back from test driving a new hearse. I arrived with my on call partner only to find the police waiting. As this was a sudden death call the coroner had to become involved. Upon walking into the house we found the deceased person in bed all 41 stone of them! To say we panicked a little would be an understatement. To cut a long story short four hours later we managed to remove this person from the front window of their house with the help of 8 other people! On the day if the funeral it took 10 people to take this person to the crematorium. With the coffin this person was a combined weight of 50 stone! 

People are definitley getting bigger. Society is changing. The funeral industry is no longer what it used to be sadly. Times have changed and although we have retained many of our victorian and Edwardian customs our clients have moved into the 21st century. Things seem a lot bigger but whether that is because they actually are bigger or whether it is because society portrays them that way? It is becoming a problem for funeral directors and funeral service providers such as crematoriums and cemeteries. We still carry coffins on our shoulders whnever possible. I often do wonder how long that will last? Health and safety is a hot topic nowadays and we live in a blame culture where suing your own family has become the norm! Only time will tell where this will leave our indistry? Maybe as a result of our industry here in the UK being unregulated and not goverened by any laws that we are allowed to get away with what most may call a health and safety nightmare?