25. Sep, 2016

Grief is a funny thing.

Genrally when someone dies it is avery sad occasion with lot's of tears, hugs and condolences. But what if there are no tears? Instead just anger and resentment? What if the person who has died has done a terrible thing that normally would be completely unforgivable? What do you do then? We as funeral directors do not factor into what a person may or may not have done in their life. We concentrate on the fact that we have a human being in our care and although they are dead they still need looking after and caring for just as their families would come to expect. 

Death is a great leveller. It is the one thing that none of us can escape and the one thing that can take us at any moment. When a person dies the girieving process can be very difficult for those left behind. i have arranged funeral for families who are so overcome with grief that they can't function. On the other habd I have had families that are so angre at what has happened that they lash out and literally could not care less what happens to the body or at the funeral. What struck me recently was the outpouring of grief from a family of a person who had done terrible things. They knew what the person had done and yet they still stood by the coffin and wept tears as if this person was a saint. They sent flowers with loving cards attatched describubg how nuch they where going to miss this person and what a wonderful person they where? Although there was only a small handful of mourners present I was suprised that there where any there at all?

It just goes to show that whatever your status in society whether you are rich or poor? Good or bad? Famous or not? The grief that will be displayed at your funeral will be unique in the sense that no one can expect what they are actually going to feel like in the event of your death until it actually happens.