22. Sep, 2016

Just ordinary people.

Lot's of people often ask me about the different jobs that people do in the funeral home. But very rarely do I get asked about who works at the funeral hom or what type pf people are they? Well the answer is simple. We are: fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. Just a bunch of ordinary people who do an extrordinary job. Take me for example. I am marries. I have been with my partner for 10 years and we live together with our dog. I like cooking, reading, writing. listening to music, eating out and socialising with friends.

These are ordinary things that many people in more mainstream occupations also take part in. I know funeral directors who play an active part in the local community as sports coaches, and are involved in Church work. All too often do the general public think that funeral service workers dress all in black all the time. Live in funeral homes surrounded by dead bodies and coffins. Some think that we do not have lives outside of the funeral home, instead sit in an office waitong for the phone to ring so that we can go and retrieve the body. This just simply is not true. Although some funeral directors do live in funeral homes but they don't sit in all day and night waiting for the phone to ring.

Even funeral homes themselves are not the dank and dingy candlelit parlours you read about in fictional books or see in horror movies. Funeral homes now are quite modern, fully furnished comfortable buildings that are inviting and homely. They are comfprtable enviroments both to work in and for families to make funeral arrangements in. The industry although still very traditional has come along way in terms of the staff that it employs and the surroundings in which it's business is conducted in. All in all the funeral home is nothing to be scared of and neither should the people that work in them should be feared. They are just normal men and women just like you.