26. May, 2016

Dead famous!

When a death occurs in most cases it comes and goes in the blink of an eye with only the deceaseds immediate family effected. With very little fuss or commotion the person is buried or cremated with a week or so of death occurring. The only publicity they get would be a a small notice of death piece in the local paper or possibly a write up in the obituary column? 

However when a celebrity dies the whole nation seems to go into mourning! Crowds gather in floods of tears and lay flowers at a pop stars mansion, or sympathy cards at a rock stars penthouse. But why? Why do people feel the need to display such a public out pouring of grief? I think the answer lies in the fact that we now live in a world where TV and radio are a constant in our lives and the people that star in these shows become like family members because they are with us all the time. These people connect with us in many ways most of our family members cannot. They produce addictive music, perform hilarious comedy acts, star in magnificent movies and hold sporting world records.

So when these people who we cherish so much pass onto the next world we are overcome with grief and raw emotion. It is like a family member has died. We think we know them because we watch them all the time or listen to them all the time. When in fact we don't. What we are watching is an act. A facade, a performance an elaborate portrayal of what we want to see and hear. Humans become very attached very quickly to whatever pleases them. Getting so wrapped up in the moment when the worst happens we just simply can't cope!