19. Apr, 2016

They don't show you this on the telly!

Over the years there have been numerous TV shows about the funeral indiustry. Some of them funny sit coms like 'In loving memory' or 'fun at the funeral parlour.' Some more seroius dramas like the American series 'Six feet under.' Then there are the fly on the wall/reality shows which show the viewer a little of what goes on behind the closed doors of a funeral home. One of those shows was 'Don't drop the coffin!' It was originally a book written by a South London undertaker called Barry Albin-Dyer. His family had been burying the people of Beremondsey for over 200 years. Obviously I read the book and watched the TV show. Both where brilliant and it is the only TV show that has come anywhere near close to revealing what goes on in a funeral company.

But of course they can only put so much on television these days. They only showed you the good bits, the bits that where pleasing to the viewer. Nothing to make you squeem! In all honesty most of the things that do go on would not suprise anyone. It is only the odd thing here and there that would shock people. I am yet to see a TV show boradcast a full embalming on TV, a deceased person being properly prepared for their funeral without being embalmed, coffins being prepared or show how sometimes a funeral dorector can be plunged in at the deep end when a family requests a complete new coffin, two additional limousines and more floral tributes they day before a funeral! They don't film the panick in his eyes or him working until late into the night to meet the familes needs. Because in the end that is what funeral directors do. They meet the needs of the families that they serve. Nothing is ever too much trouble. There is a famous saying in the funeral industry: 'The answer is yes now what is the question?'

Of course for every action there is a reaction. That reaction is that a lot of people have to move very, very quickly to make sure that the families needs are met, the deceased is taken care of in a  proper and dignified manner and that everything is in place ready to go for the day of the funeral. Like I keep saying this is a very unique industry where literally anything can happen in a split second. You think you know what you are doing then all of a sudden it's all change please?