10. Apr, 2016

Jobs in the funeral home.

There is lots to do in a funeral home and it can't be done by one person. Depending on how big the home and how busy it is depends on how many staff it employs? so let me break down for you the roles fulfilled in a funeral establishment:

Funeral Director: This person is responsible for carrying out all funerals and ensuring that families wishes are carried out. 

Funeral Arranger: The funeral arranger will work alongside the funeral director liaising with clergy, cemeteries and crematoria as well as keeping the family updated with the arrangements. Sometimes a funeral director will take on this role but this is not always the case. 

Embalmer: Probably one of the most important jobs in the funeral home. The embalmer is responsible for mortuary management and caring for the deceased. Embalmers are specially trained members of staff who carry out all hygenic treatment of the dead. Not all funeral homes carry out embalming but will usually have a designated member of staff to carry out mortuary duties. 

Funeral Service Operative (FSO): These are the backbone of any funeral home. These workers carry out all the work you don't see. From collecting the deceased from hospitals and care homes, through to driving hearses and acting as pall bearers on funerals. Not to mention carrying out any other duties that require carrying out.