24. Mar, 2016

Old wives tales part 1!

So the whole idea of this blog was to try and shed some light on what goes on here in the UK funeral industry. Part of that was to dispell old miths and rumours. Down below are some really weird but in someways quite funny questions I get asked all the time!! Some of the things you would have heard before and know then answer to. But some will be new to you. So hear it goes:

Q1: Do dead people fart?

A: No they do not fart or pass wind if you prefer? However they do release shall we say 'offensive odhours' from time to time? When a person is alive their bodies are able to control everything that goes on inside them including bodily functions. But when a person dies that function ceases so therefore gasses are released along with a few other not so pleasant fluids. But this is all a natural process that everybody goes through. 

Q2: Do you have to break people bones to get them into coffins?

A: No, no and NO!! If I had a pound for everytime I have heard this one then I would be a very rich man. Under any circumstances to we break any bones to fit a person inside a coffin or casket. When a person dies they get what is called rigor-mortis which is a stiffening of the muscles in the body. When you prepare a body for burial or cremation the embalmer who would usually do the preperation work would bend out the rigor-mortis. That means they carefully manipulate the arms, legs, wrists, head and neck to releave the body of this stiffness. No breakages occur.

Q3: Do dead people sit up?

A: Again this is a big fat no!!! When a person dies they die! Full stop! No if's or buts, life ceases to exist! Therefore making it impossible to a corpse to sit up.

Q4: Does hair and nails keep growing after death?

A: Sorry to dissapoint again but the answer is yes youve guessed it no! The reason for this myth is a scientific one. When a person dies the body looses moisture and over time the face becomes wrinkly and leather like. So as the skin around the face draws in it seems that the facial hair on men has grown. Where in fact the reality is the skin has shrunk leaving the facial haor more exposed. This is also tru of the nails. The same process happens giving the same result. 

I hope that has cleared up a couple of things? This is only part one of this Q&A session so keep an eye out on the site for the second part.