9. Mar, 2016

My first week.

My first week in a new job in a funeral home was an eventful one to say the least. I quickly learned that I don't know my way around Swindon as well as I thought I did, the magic roundabout isn't that magic in fact its a nightmare!!. Some coffins are not as strong as they look, human ash is more like beach sand rather than actual ash, some policemen are more fascinated by dead bodies than some embalmers, mortuary attendants don't like being called love or darling, the coroners officers word is law, graves don't dig themselves you have to book a grave digger, some clergymen are as mad as hatters and I give burials a wide birth just as the same as I do with horses. If there is anyone who is going to be kicked by a horse it's me and if anyone at a funeral is going to go arse over tit into a six foot deep grave in front of a load of mourners its also going to be me!!!

With that all said my first week was brilliant. I had already gained a lot of prep room expirience at the college, and by offering my services for free a couple of afternoons a week at a large funeral company as a student embalmer I had managed to pick up a few pointers before I started.