9. Mar, 2016

It's a vocation.

Growing up I never wanted to be a funeral director. I always wanted to be a policeman like my Grandfather was. It wasn't until I was at school and was given my career options that I thought about the funeral indistry as a cereer option. In the UK work expirience students are no longer able to work with the police as part of their work placement, so I was at a loose end. It was one evening when my mother told me about a friend of hers who spent her work expirience at a funeral home answering the phones. She enjoyed it so much and the company enjoyed having her  there that they offered  her a summer job and eventually a full time job as a trainee embalmer once she left school. This girl (whoever she is?) went on to have a very sucessful career in the funeral industry. So with that in mind I started to make my own enquries.

I having a genuine interest in science and quite a weird streek anyway i decided that embalming was the way forwrd for me. However I was only fourteen and after thinking about it for a while my mum and dad decided that it was not a good idea for me to be spending my time in that sort of enviroment. Now being a teenager and my parents telling me that I couldn't do something only made me more detrimined to do it. I begged and pleaded with them to let me have my work expirience with the local undertaker but they where having none of it. To cut a long sotry short I ended up doing my work experience in a butchers shop!! 

As my school life was drawing to a close (thank God) it was time to see what my options where. College was off the cards as quite frankly I am nowhere near intelligent enough for higher education, so it was off to work I went. Still living with mum and dad a career in the undertaking business was also off the cards! Fast foward a few years and I am now 16 so i can legally leave home, and that is what I did. No longer under the rule of mum and dad I applied to every funeral home in the area for a job. All said the same thing 'Thanks but no thanks.' No driving licence meant no job! So there was only one thing for it, get a drivers licence. After a few attemps I finally got one and was able  to apply to funeral homes once again.

While all thi was going on I cam into a small ammount of money. I used that money to enroll myself on an embalming school at a near by college. It was called the Salisbury College of Funeral Sciences. It was there that I learned the art of embalming and preparing the dead for burial or cremation. By this time I was now employed as a funeral arranger at a local funeral home near me. I loved every minute of my job, everything about it was wonderful. I quickly came to realise that what we do as funeral directors os not just a job but a vocation and a very unique one. The funeral indistry is an industry like no other, special in every way and so vitally important. I am so proud that I work in this industry and I feel priveledged to have been allowed into the lives of so many families at such a very difficult time. 

So that is how I got started out in this business. Well thats the short version anyway.